18 Airplane Crafts for Kids

18 Airplane Crafts to make

I know many kids are fascinated by airplanes… Heck, I am fascinated by airplanes! Next time you are trying to find a way to keep them occupied, consider making one or more of these airplane crafts. Need an excuse to make airplane crafts? How about making one in honor of an upcoming plane ride, National Aviation Day (August 19th), or Aviation Month (November).

Printable Airplane Craft1 – Printable Airplane Craft from Learn Create Love

Candy Airplane2 – Candy Airplane from Spoonful

Felt Airplane Finger Puppets3 – Felt Airplane Finger Puppets from Home Hearted

Flying Foam Airplane4 – Flying Foam Airplane from Cheap Crafty Mama

Clothes Pin Airplane5 – Clothespin Airplanes from Learn Create Love

Cardboard Box Plane6 – Cardboard Box Plane from Mini Mocha

Cardboard Tube Airplane7 – Paper Tube Airplanes from It Mom

Paper Mache Water Bottle Airplane8 – Paper Mache Water Bottle Airplane from Inna’s Creations

Toilet Roll Aeroplane9 – Toilet Roll Aeroplane from Molly Moo

Paper Airplane Free Printables10 – Paper Airplane Free Printables from Guildcraft

Spiral Airplane Craft11 – Spiral Airplane Craft from Oh Amanda

Egg Carton Airplane12 – Egg Carton Airplane from Creatiful Kids

Flying Styrofoam Airplane Craft13 – Flying Styrofoam Airplane Craft from Amy’s Free Ideas

Footprint Airplane Canvas14 – Footprint Airplane Canvas from Glued to My Crafts

Bottle Pencil Case Airplane15 – Bottle Pencil Case Airplane from Crafty Crafted

DIY Airplane Piggy Bank16 – DIY Airplane Piggy Bank from Bright Nest

Recycled Bi-Plane Craft17 – Recycled Bi-Plane Craft from Ziggity Zoom

Straw Airplanes18 – Straw Airplane from Hover Kids

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