2 x 4 Stools {as seen on Pinterest}

Make 2 x 4 stools

Pinterest is a wonderful place to find inspiration for everything…  crafts, cooking, fashion, fitness, and so much more. I could go on and on and on! If you use Pinterest, you probably know what I am talking about. If you don’t use Pinterest, you should go check it out (and follow my boards).

I pin a lot of crafts and DIY projects so I remember to go back and try them. I always have the best intentions; unfortunately there aren’t enough hours in the day to try them all. I do try them when the opportunity presents itself, and that is how I got these stools.

My husband and I were relaxing at our cabin one weekend when he started getting antsy. You see, my husband’s idea of relaxing has nothing to do with sitting around and doing nothing. He needs to be up and doing something. He loves to tinker around in his garage and is never happier than when he has a project to work on.

He wanted a project to work on but didn’t want to have to drive to the nearest store, which is about 60 miles away. My solution to this was to pull up Pinterest on my iPhone. We browsed through some of the DIY projects I had pinned and these stools caught my hubby’s eye.

distressed stool

After digging through his wood shed, he discovered he had all of the supplies he needed to make them so he went right to work.

While Beyond the Picket Fence has a great tutorial for making these stools, they are simple enough that my husband didn’t need the directions (not that he would have looked at them anyway – hahaha). Visit their tutorial if you want step-by-step directions with great photos.

My husband started measuring, cutting, and screwing and it didn’t take him long to make his own version of this stool.  He put me in charge of the painting and we were both happy with what we ended up with. By the end of two weekends, we had a total of 8 stools made – 4 for me and another 4 for my daughter who is a photographer.

simple stool to make

Now the biggest question is if I should try to distress the paint job a little bit or leave it as it is.  I love the distressed look of the stools from Beyond the Fence, and they do have a great tutorial that explains how you can get the same results. However, I do like the bright, clean look of my stools.  Perhaps I will wait and try those painting techniques on another cabin project!

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1 comment for “2 x 4 Stools {as seen on Pinterest}

  1. Brenda
    10/16/2013 at 12:24 pm

    I like your stools but I love the distressed look! I really need to try these.

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