20 DIY Advent Calendars

20 DIY Advent Calendars

Nothing is harder for most kids, and even some adults, than waiting for Christmas. One way to make it a little bit easier is to make an advent calendar to help count down the days.

For those who may not know what an advent calendar is…¬† The word advent originated from a Latin word meaning ‘arrival’. You use an advent calendar to countdown each day until Christmas, usually starting on December 1st. There is generally a special daily treat or surprise involved.

Browse through this collection of DIY advent calendars and I am sure you will find at least one you will want to make for your family.

Framed Advent Calendar
1 – Framed Advent Calendar from Crap I’ve Made

Banner Advent Tutorial
2 – Banner Advent Tutorial from 30 Handmade Days

Recycled Baby Food Jar Advent Calendar
3 – Recycled Baby Food Jar Advent Calendar from Craft-O-Matic

Christmas Countdown Blocks
4 – Christmas Countdown Blocks from Dirt Stains and Paint

Felt Advent Banner
5 – Felt Advent Banner from The Crafted Sparrow

Magnetic Advent Calendar
6 – Easy Magnetic Advent Calendar from Cheerios and Lattes

Advent Candy Tree
7 – Advent Candy Tree from Family Crafts

Wall Mounted Advent Calendar
8 – Wall Mounted Advent Calendar from The DIY Dreamer

Mittens Advent Calendar
9 – Mittens Advent Calendar from Just Us Four

Countdown Clipboard
10 – Countdown Clipboard from Eighteen 25

Toilet Paper Roll Advent Calendar
11 – Toilet Paper Roll Advent Calendar from North Story

Punch Box Advent Calendar
12 – Punch Box Advent Calendar from DIY Studio

Stocking Advent Calendar
13 – Stocking Advent Calendar from Trillium Design

 Big Box DIY Advent Calendar
14 – Big Box DIY Advent Calendar from Mod Podge Rocks

String of Lights Advent Calendar Pattern
15 – String of Lights Advent Calendar Pattern from Elsie Marley

Amazing House Advent Calendar
16 – Amazing House Advent Calendar from Gingerbread Snowflakes

Simple Spool Advent Calendars
17 – Simple Spool Advent Calendars from Just Something I Made

Winter Wonderland Advent Calender
18 – Winter Wonderland Advent Calender from Willowday

 Paper Sack & Clothespin Advent Calendar
19 – Paper Sack & Clothespin Advent Calendar from Simply Kierste

Toolbox Advent Calendar Tutorial
20 – Toolbox Advent Calendar Tutorial from Sassy Style

Make sure you take a little time to visit each tutorial so you can see how fabulous they are! Also make sure you take a moment to comment on each one and tell the creator thanks for sharing their talents.

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