20 Ideas for Groundhog Day Fun for Kids

20 Ideas for Groundhog Day Fun for Kids

When I was a child, I remember looking forward to Groundhog’s Day, but I was never 100% sure why! One thing I do know though is if we would have made some of these fun crafts or tasty recipes when I was a kid, I really would have looked forward to it and remembered why!

Which one of these fun Groundhog Day fun crafts and recipes will you try with your kids?

Groundhog Play Set1 – Groundhog Play Set from Sherri


Textured Groundhog Puppet2 – Textured Groundhog Puppet from Sherri


Paper Plate Groundhog3 – Paper Plate Groundhog from I Heart Crafty Things


Groundhog Shape Craft4 – Groundhog Shape Craft from Almost Unschoolers


Groundhog Day Cupcake Push Pops5 – Groundhog Day Cupcake Push Pops from Sweetology 101


Printable Groundhogs Day Game6 – Printable Groundhogs Day Game from First Grade A la Carte


Groundhog Day Donuts7 – Groundhog Day Donuts from Random Thoughts of a Supermom


Groundhog Day Finger Puppet8 – Groundhog Day Finger Puppet from Rust and Sunshine


Heart Groundhog9 – Heart Groundhog from Lucky Me!


groundhog day sandwich10 – Groundhog Day Sandwich from Sweet and Lovely Crafts


Groundhog's Day Flip Picture11 – Groundhog’s Day Flip Picture from Almost Unschoolers


The Groundhog's Shadow12 – The Groundhog’s Shadow from While Wearing Heels


Groundhog Day Pancakes13 – Groundhog Day Pancakes from The Joy of Boys


Sock Groundhog Puppet14 – Sock Groundhog Puppet from Those Northern Skies


Groundhog Day Toilet Paper Roll Craft15 – Groundhog Day Toilet Paper Roll Craft from Sassy Dealz


Groundhog Hot Cocoa16 – Groundhog Hot Cocoa from Gourmet Mom on the Go


Footprint Groundhog Picture17 – Footprint Groundhog Picture from Tippy-Toe Crafts


Cupcake Liner Groundhog Day Craft18 – Cupcake Liner Groundhog Day Craft from I Heart Crafty Things


Groundhog Hot Dogs19 – Groundhog Hot Dogs from She Knows


Groundhog Egg Carton Craft20 – Groundhog Egg Carton Craft from Play With Me

Which one of these ideas do you like best?

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