22 Easy Bunny Crafts

22 Bunny Crafts

Whether you are looking for a fun Easter craft to do with your family or just want to make a bunny any time of year, this round-up and fun and easy bunny crafts will fit the bill. There are bunnies here that can be made and enjoyed by all ages and abilities. Some will make wonderful decorations and others are perfect gifts you can give to your friends and family.

Bunny Easter Basket Craft1 – Bunny Easter Basket Craft from Me
This bunny is made using a paper plate.

CD Bunny Craft2 – CD Bunny from Me
An unwanted CD is decorated using felt and a few other basic craft supplies.

 Wash Rag Bunny Craft3 – Wash Rag Bunny Craft from Me
Learn how to form a washrag into a bunny shape.

Bunny Gift Bags4 – Bunny Gift Bags from Crayola
Use a paper lunch bag and colored paper to make a bunny bag.

Cotton Ball Container Bunny5 – Cotton Ball Container Bunny from Crafts by Amanda
This bunny is made by covering a potato chip container with cotton balls.

Cardboard Tube Bunny Rabbit Family6 – Cardboard Tube Bunny Rabbit Family from Crafts by Amanda
Create an entire family of bunnies out of toilet paper rolls.

Bunny Ears out of a Paper 7 – Bunny Ears out of a Paper Bag from Meaningful Mama
In not time at all you can make a bunny hat from a white paper bag.

Yarn Bunny Craft8 – Yarn Bunny from Crafts ‘N Coffee
Make this fuzzy looking bunny by wrapping an egg in yarn.

Q-tip Bunny9 – Q-tip Bunny from Make and Takes
I love this bumpy looking bunny made using cotton swabs.

Bunny Tail Treat Cups10 – Bunny Tail Treat Cups from Delightfully Noted
This styrofoam bunny butts made a fun basket decoration.

Easter Bunny Suckers11 – Easter Bunny Suckers from Clean and Scentsible
Top off a sucker with a styrofoam ball and decorate it to look like a bunny.

 Pom-Pom Easter Bunny12 – Pom-Pom Easter Bunny from Mom on Time Out
Learn how to make jumbo pom-poms and then decorate them to look like bunnies.

Bunny babies13 – Bunny Babies from Crafts ‘N Coffee
Use baby socks to make plump bunnies.

Scrap Fabric Bunny Softie14 – Scrap Fabric Bunny Softie from Seven Thirty Three
This is an easy sewing project to try.

Craft Stick Bunnies15 – Craft Stick Bunnies from Spoonful
Your Easter baskets will look festive if you decorate them using these bunnies.

Glove Bunny16 – Glove Bunny from Styrofoam Brand Foam Crafts
Would you have guessed this bunny is made from a glove?

Bunny Finger Puppet17 – Bunny Finger Puppet from Purl Bee
Practice your hand sewing by making this simple bunny.

Pretty Paper Bunnies18 – Pretty Paper Bunnies from Charlotte’s Fancy
Use these directions to make a bunny bunting.

Bunny Card Craft19 – Bunny Card Craft from Family Life with the Mom Who is all Hart
Sending greetings to everyone you know a bunny-shaped card.

Easter Bunny Bottle20 – Easter Bunny Bottle from Happy Clippings
Learn how to decorate a bottle to look like a bunny.

Easter Bunny Printables21 – Pet Easter Bunny Printables from I Heart Nap Time
Top a bag of treats using this printable bunny head.

Knotted Easter Bunny Bag22 – Knotted Easter Bunny Bag from 30 Minute Crafts
I think this is a great way to use fabric scraps.

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    What a fabulous collection of bunny crafts. I love them and am going to pin this and hopefully use some of these ideas in the future. Thanks so much for adding my bunny ears craft in the midst. Happy Easter

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    Bunny crafts are always so cute!! Thanks so much for including my bunny suckers!

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    04/05/2014 at 10:57 am

    I’m looking for bunny baskets made from a Clorox container and clear plastic. I have pictures with my kids, but can’t remember how I made them. Can you help me

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