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Holidays are a perfect excuse for families to craft together. Browse through all of these projects and resources that will help you get ready for almost any holiday you can think of.

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Wand

Saint Patricks Day Wand 150

Most kids love the idea of a magical wand, so why not show them how to make their own St. Patrick’s Day wand that incorporates a shamrock, rainbow, and gold coins. I don’t know about your kids, but my young…

21 DIY Shamrock Crafts

21 DIY Clovers and Shamrocks 150

Some people may call them shamrocks and some may call them clovers, but I think there is one thing we can all agree on — they are all amazing! Of course, I am talking about all of these DIY shamrock…

How to Make a Handprint Cherry Tree

Cherry Tree Craft

Learn how to make a picture of a cherry tree by tracing your forearm and fingers. You can make small cherries using your fingertips, or make cherry blossoms by using tiny pieces of tissue paper that are wadded up. This…

20 Presidents’ Day Crafts and Activities

20 Presidents' Day Crafts and Activities 150

What better way to teach kids about Presidents’ Day and about American Presidents than by trying some of these Presidents’ Day crafts and activities?! Perhaps the best thing about teaching kids about Presidents’ Day is that you might learn something…

23 Conversation Heart Crafts

conversation heart crafts 150

I was walking through the grocery store the other day and just happened to find myself strolling down the aisle with all of the Valentine’s Day candy…  I have no idea how I got there…  Really! Despite the fact that…

20 Ideas for Groundhog Day Fun for Kids

20 Ideas for Groundhog Day 150

When I was a child, I remember looking forward to Groundhog’s Day, but I was never 100% sure why! One thing I do know though is if we would have made some of these fun crafts or tasty recipes when…