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Holidays are a perfect excuse for families to craft together. Browse through all of these projects and resources that will help you get ready for almost any holiday you can think of.

8 Silly Animals Printable Valentines

8 Silly Animals Printable Valentines 150

Not all Valentine’s Day cards have to be pink and frilly and full of heart images, some can be silly and sweet — like these silly animal printable Valentines. Both boys and girls will have a lot of fun making…

26 Candy Cane Crafts

26 Candy Cane Crafts 250

Even if you love eating candy canes, there always seems to be some left over after Christmas. I suggest that you use a few of those candy canes now to make fun candy cane crafts you can use as decorations…

36 No Sew Costumes for Kids

36 No Sew Costumes for Kids 150

If you want to make your child’s Halloween costume but aren’t comfortable with a needle or thread, perhaps one of these 36 no-sew costumes will fit the bill. You can find something here to suit boys and girls of all…

Candy Corn DIY Halloween Decoration

Candy Corn decoration

This cute DIY candy corn decoration would make a wonderful Halloween decoration for your door, window, or wall! To make this Halloween decoration, you don’t need any special supplies. Most of the items you need can probably be found in…

31 Creative Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin

Creative Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin 250

When I was search for a variety of creative ways to decorate a pumpkin, I was initially going to compile a list of 20… When I thought about it though, I decided that I would go to 31 in honor…

18 Recycled Pumpkin Crafts

18 Recycled Pumpkin Crafts 150

Whether you are looking for pumpkins you can use to celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving, one or more of these pumpkin crafts just might fit the bill. All of these pumpkins are made by recycling items you can find in most…