Category: Recycling Crafts

Crafting is a great way to recycle. Browse through this collection of crafts you can make using items you might normally throw away.

18 Recycled Pumpkin Crafts

18 Recycled Pumpkin Crafts 150

Whether you are looking for pumpkins you can use to celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving, one or more of these pumpkin crafts just might fit the bill. All of these pumpkins are made by recycling items you can find in most…

DIY Angry Birds Ornaments

DIY Angry Birds Magnet 150

Grab any flat, round object you have lying around the house and use it to make your favorite Angry Bird characters. I used some canning jar lids, but you can use a lid from any jar you have, a juice…

How to Make a Paper Mache Snowman

Paper Mache Snowman 150

Discover how easy it is to craft a cute little snowman using paper mache techniques and items you might normally recycle or throw away. The light bulb I started with is an “old-fashioned” bulb with the classic shape we are…

How to Make a Snowman Candy Jar

How to make a snowman candy jar150

Mason jars are so easy to find these days, and come in so many fun varieties, I figured I would use one to make this cute snowman candy jar. You can make several of them, fill them with sweet treats…