Category: Seasons

No matter what season is your favorite, you can find crafts and resources that help you celebrate every season of the year in this collection.

Apple Magnet Craft

How-to-Make-an-Apple-Magnet 150

This is a fast and easy craft project that is perfect to make for a fall decoration or as a way to celebrate going back to school. Let your kids make one of these apple magnets and give it to…

Simple Watermelon Picture

simple watermelon picture 150

Sometimes, you just need a fast and easy craft project to help pass the time a little bit. This simple watermelon picture is perfect for those times! This is a project that is great for all ages and the supplies…

Snowflake Coloring Book Page

Snowflake Coloring 250

I am working on some fun and easy snowflakes crafts I hope to get posted in the next few days and for one of those projects I needed a pattern. While I used this snowflake design as a pattern for…