Clothespin Sunflower Craft

Clothespin Sunflower Craft

For some reason, not much screams summer more to me than sunflowers. Besides the weather outside, I was inspired to make this clothespin sunflower craft by this canning jar lid craft challenge.  You can make these to decorate your yard or anywhere inside your house.  Use peanut butter or lard to stick the sunflower seeds to the canning jar lid and you can use it as a bird feeder.

Supplies Needed to Make a Clothespin Sunflower

  • 10 old-fashioned, flat clothespins
  • Canning jar lid
  • Paint Stir Stick
  • Paint
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Craft Glue and/or Hot Glue Sticks

Tools Needed to Make a Clothespin Sunflower

  • Paint Brush
  • Hot Glue Gun (optional)

Painting the sunflower parts

Start out by painting all of the pieces you need to construct the sunflower. Paint both sides of the petals (10 clothespins) yellow. Paint both sides of the stem (paint stir stick) green. Paint the center (canning jar lid) brown. You might need to paint on a few layers to get good coverage. Let the paint dry completely.

glue the clothespin sunflower petals

Arrange the clothespins on your work surface into the shape of a flower. You will want then arranged in a circle so that the tops of the clothespins sit just under the edge of the canning jar lid. Put a dab of glue on the top of each clothespin. Set the canning jar kid, painted side up, on top of the glue in the clothespins. Let the glue dry completely before you move the sunflower.

Glue on the sunflower stem

Glue the paint stir stick to the back of the flower.  Squirt a generous amount of glue onto the canning jar lid and arrange the sunflower seeds onto the glue. Let the glue dry and your sunflower is ready to use.

You can use this as a fun party decoration or even a bird feeder if you use peanut butter to stick the sunflower seeds onto the canning jar lid. How will you use your clothespin sunflower?

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