DIY Candy Filled Hidden Money Holder

DIY Candy Filled Hidden Money Holder

If you want to give money as a gift, but don’t want to simply slip a few bills in a card, perhaps this idea will pique your interest. I don’t usually like giving money as a gift for Christmas, but I am okay with finding creative ways to give cash, like this one.

The funnest thing about this homemade Christmas gift is that the recipient does realize they are getting some cash until they open up the jar.

While I used candy Kisses and M and Ms, you can use the reicient’s favorite (smallish) candies and create your own gift tag. Other than the candy and my printable gift tages, you only need a large mason jar, a toilet paper or paper towel roll, and a few craft supplies.

Supplies Needed to Make a Candy Filled Money Holder:

  • Toilet Paper Roll
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Cellopahen Tape or Glue
  • Mason Jar and Lid
  • Candy Kisses or M and Ms
  • Burlap, Fabric or Decorative Paper Scrap
  • Baker’s Twine
  • Button
  • Cardstock
  • Prtintable Tag (see below)

Tools Needed:

  • Scissors
  • Printer

Start out by making sure the toilet paper roll fits inside the mason jar. Set it in the center of the jar. If it is too tall, trim it down just a little bit. Cut a piece of aluminum foil that is big enouch the cover the outside of the toilet paper roll.

candy mony holder center

Carefully wrap the aluminum foil around the toilet paper roll. Seure it in place using some tape or you can glue the edges down.

candy mony holder wrap center

Set the foil wrapped toilet paper roll, centered, inside the mason jar. Carefully start putting the candy around the outside of the toilet paper roll.

candy mony holder fill center

Fill the space between the jar and the toilet paper roll with candy. You want to make sure that you cannot see any of the toilet paper roll frm the outside of the mason jar.

candy mony holder fill center completely

As I mentioned previously, you can use either candy Kisses or M and Ms. I provide printables for both. While the step-by-step pictures I shared throughout this tutorial show how I made the candy Kiss money jar, I thought I would share one picture with M and Ms!

candy money holder mandms

No matter what kind of candy you use, you will prepare the lid the same way. Set the mason jar lid on your burlap, fabric, or decorative paper and trace around it. Cut out the circle you drew.

candy mony holder jar lid

Place the lid on the mason jar and then set the circle you cut out on top of it. Spin on the jar lid ring to tighten.

Print out your desired label and cut it out. Punch a hole in one of the top corners.


Merry Kiss-Mas Tag



Merry M and Ms Tag




Tie the tag to the lid using some colorful baker’s twine. I wrapped the twine around the lid 3 or 4 times and then strung the tag onto one end. I tied it in a knot and then slipped both ends through the holes of a button and tied a cute bow.

finish making the hidden money jar gift

What do you think of these gifts that help you hide money inside? Do you have any ideas for using other candies?