12 Edible Gifts for Father’s Day

Perhaps my thought went immediately to making something edible for my husband for Father’s Day because I know he has a sweet tooth, but I think many dad and grandpas would love to get one of these tasty gifts on their special day. Don’t you?

12 tasy Gifts for Father's Day

These edible gifts are all so easy to make that your biggest problem might actually be keeping the kids from snacking on the ingredients while you make them. I take that back… Your biggest problem might be trying to decide which one of these to make. Which one would your dad like best?

sweet treat gifts for Father's Day

What a Catch Father’s Day Gift
Fill a clear paint pail with Swedish Fish and attach a printable label.

BBQ Cupcakes – A “Grate” Gift for Dad
Discover how easy it is to make a brownie cupcake look like a little BBQ grill.

“Love You to Pieces” DIY Father’s Day Gift
Fill a small, white favor bag with a window with Reese’s Pieces and top in with a mustache.

Sweet Treats for Father's Day

Edible Bouquets: Cookie Bouquet for Father’s Day
Bake up a batch of dad’s favorite cookies and then follow these directions to turn them into a sweet smelling bouquet.

Father’s Day Bow Tie Candy Craft
Use Hershey’s Hugs and Kisses to fill a snack-sized zip-top bag and shape it to look like a bow tie.

Nutty but Sweet Dad
This “slightly nutty candy jar” is the perfect gift for a dad or grandpa that loves peanut M&Ms.

Edible Crafts For Father's Day

Hug and Kiss Father’s Day Treat Jar
Download this cute poem and use it to decorate a special treat jar for dad.

Nuts About Daddy Gift
If your dad, or grandpa, prefers nuts over sweet treats, check out this project which includes printable labels.

To My Dynamite Dad
Make a treat-filled, miniature stick of dynamite for dad out of a toilet paper or paper towel roll.

Father's Day Food Gifts

Father’s Day Candy Card
Use a variety of different candy bars to fill in the blanks when you make a special letter for dad.

Pop-Top Tin Cans
Open the bottom of any pop-top can with a can opener, fill it with treats, and glue it back on.

Father’s Day Tie Treat
Learn how to make a clear bag filled with candies look like a colorful tie – includes printable note.


Whether your dad has a sweet tooth or not, he will certainly love getting one of these very sweet gifts from you! What is your dad’s favorite treat? Could you incorporate it into a gift? If you do, please share it with us or submit it to be published here!


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