Fun with Burlap {Craft Challenge}

If you follow me on Twitter, Google, or Facebook, you might know that I recently got a box of burlap goodies to play with… I am so excited to team up with to share some fun products and projects with you. They also donated a gift certificate you can enter to win. Simply follow these simple steps to enter the giveaway.

Fun with Burlap Craft Challenge

So, I got 3 fun products in the mail that I am challenged to create something out of and, as with all craft challenges, I thought I would reach out to all of you for ideas about how to decorate them. Is there a certain technique you would like to see me use. Should they be decorated for a special occasion or event? Please brainstorm with me!

Burlap Vase Box

The first item is a Burlap Vase Holder. Essentially, it is a box made from burlap (6″ x 6″ x 6″). While there are many was these can be used, the Burlap Fabric site says they are popular for holding vases – especially as part of wedding décor. What do you think I should make using it? How should I decorate it?

Burlap Bunting Banner

I also received a burlap banner. While it is called a banner, it is much better than that as far as I am concerned…  The banner is made up of twelve 8″ x 10″ burlap triangles that has a 7.5″ piece of jute rope on each side. You can tie all of the triangles together to form a traditional bunting/banner or use each one however you please.  Now, what do you think I should do with them?

Burlap Tote Bag

Finally, there is also a plain burlap tote bag for me to play with. The site describes it as a 12″ x 12″ x 7.75″ jute euro gift bag. While they suggest maybe using it as a great bags for party favors, especially at a wedding, but I would use it for shopping or just lugging stuff around. I just need to think of a fun way to decorate it. Do you have any ideas? What would you use it for?

Interested in seeing what I have mode using some of these items? Here is what I have come up with so far:

What do you think?

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