Great Glue for Little Fingers

Elmer's Glue Products for Little FingersHave you seen these new glue products from Early Learners Washable Glue Pen (affiliate link) or a Early Learners Glue Stick (affiliate link) — or both — that ware designed especially for preschool-aged children to use.

The triangular shape and larger size of these products are designed so preschoolers can easily use them. Not only does the shape fit nicely into little hands, it also prevents the glue pen or glue stick from rolling away when it is set down. This product will help your little one work more independently on creative projects and it will also help them develop fine motor skills while encouraging a proper writing grip.

The glue pen’s cap is easy for little fingers to screw off. It has a fabric tip that helps to control the application so there is less mess. The glue is purple when it is applied so kids can see exactly where they put it and then dries clear. This glue can be used on paper, craft foam, cloth, and many other typical craft supplies.

The glue stick has a cap that is to grasp (it has an extra lip on it) and easy to pull off to help kids feel more independent. It has an angular tip to help kids hold it like a pen or pencil. Like the glue pen, this glue also goes on purple and dries clear.  This glue is great for using on paper and photos. Both glues are non-toxic and washable.

Along with the launch of these products, Elmer’s launched an online space called Elmer’s Early Learners Academy. Parents, grandparent, and caregivers can visit this site to find project ideas, expert advice, playtime tips, and much more.

I am anxiously waiting for my grandkids to come for a visit so we can try out these glue products!  Elmer’s CEO explained that they are looking forward to building on the launch of these preschool products…  I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Disclosure: A review copy of these products were provided by Elmers. No further compensation was given and all opinions are my own. As noted above, this post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for details.

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