18 Costumes to Make from a Pillowcase

How to Make a Costume from a Pillowcase

If you are like me, and just looked at the calendar and couldn’t believe there is only a week until Halloween, these costumes might be just what you need. Learn how to make simple costumes from a pillowcase. There are ideas here that would be perfect for boys and girls — kids and adults.

Skeleton Pillowcase Costume
1 – Skeleton Pillowcase Costume from Ziggity Zoom

 Pillowcase Snowman Pattern
2 – Pillowcase Snowman Costume from Sugar Bee Crafts

pumpkin Pillowcase Costume
3 – Pillowcase Pumpkin Costume from Martha Stewart

Pillowcase Candy Corn Costume
4 – Pillowcase Candy Corn Halloween Costume from Kid’s Wonder Art

Owl Costume from a Pillowcase
5 – Owl Costume from a Pillowcase from 5 Orange Potatoes

Easy Nurse Costume or Doctor Costume
6 – Easy Nurse Costume or Doctor Costume from Ziggity Zoom

Playing Cards from Pillowcases
7 – Playing Cards from Pillowcases from And Twins Make Five

Ghost Pillowcase Dress Costume
8 – Ghost Pillowcase Dress Costume from Dollar Store Crafts

R2D2 pillowcase costume
9 – R2D2 Pillowcase Costume from The Train to Crazy

 Zebra Costume for Kids
10 – Zebra Costume for Kids from Ziggity Zoom

Lunch Bag Costume
11 – Lunch Bag Costume from Corrie Berry Pie

Pillowcase Crayon Costume
12 – Pillowcase Crayon Costume from Parents

Pillowcase Witch Dress
13 – Pillowcase Witch Dress from Ziggity Zoom

Halloween Candy Bag Costume
14 – Halloween Candy Bag Costume from Desert Chica Ramblings

Pillowcase Angel Costume
15 – Pillowcase Angel Costume from White Lily Green

 Cleopatra Halloween Costume
16 – Cleopatra Halloween Costume from Inhabitots

Pac-man Game Costume
17 – Pac-man Game Costume from Parents

Popcorn Box Costume
18 – Popcorn Box Costume from Collest Homemade Costumes

Have you even made a costume using a pillowcase? If so, make sure you share it with us. You can post it on our Facebook Wall!

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