How to Make a Cupcake Stand

How to Make a Simple Cupcake Stand

You won’t believe how easy it is to create your own cupcake stands using clay pots. These are fun to make for birthday parties and even holidays. You can paint and decorate them to suit the event or occasion. Let the entire family have a hand in decorating them.

I will share the directions for making one like the one pictured here, but please feel free to experiment with different pot and saucer sizes to come up with your own designs.

The Materials You Will Need:

How to Assemble the Cupcake Stand:

First of all, if you want to paint your clay posts and saucers, you should do it now. You can paint it once you have it assembled, but it is easier to handle and paint each pot separately. Let the paint dry completely before you move on.

To assemble the cupcake stand, start off by setting the larger clay pot upside down on your work surface. Spread the glue on the bottom of the pot and carefully center the larger saucer on the pot. Apply glue to the top edge of the smaller clay pot and then center that, upside down, on top of the saucer. Finally, spread glue on the bottom of the smaller pot and press the small saucer to the glue.

Let the glue dry completely before you try to move your cupcake stand. At this time, you can also decorate the stand by painting on fancy details, using stickers, or anything else you like. If you like you can seal the paint using several thin coats of a clear acrylic sealer.

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  1. 03/25/2013 at 1:01 pm

    Glue dots make an excellent adhesive if you want to take it apart again after the party 😉

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