How to Make a Snowman Candy Jar

How to Make a Snowman Candy Jar out of a Mason Jar

Mason jars are so easy to find these days, and come in so many fun varieties, I figured I would use one to make this cute snowman candy jar. You can make several of them, fill them with sweet treats (or even small trinkets), and give them as gifts to all of your favorite people.

While the head of this snowman is eay to make because the ring lid of th mason jar is used to secure the fabric in place, you can get a similar effect by wrapping ribbon around a regular jar lid. By using this method, you can recycle jar you already have.

Supplies Needed to Make a Snowman Candy Jar:

  • Mason Jar with Lid
  • Candy (or whatever you want to fill the jar with)
  • Muslin (or any white or off white fabric scrap)
  • Small Handful of Fiberfil
  • Craft Foam (black and orange)
  • 2 Small, Black Buttons
  • Black Dimensional Fabric Paint
  • Ribbon
  • Craft Glue

Tools Needed:

  • Pen or Pencil
  • Pinking Shears
  • Scissors

THhe first thing you need to do is trace around the mason jar lid onto your piece of muclin or scrap fabric.

Snowman candy jar trace circle

Use the pinking shears to cut out about an inch around the circle you traced. If you don’t have pinking shears, feel free to use regular scissors.

Snowman candy jar cut circle

Fill the jar with the candy or treat — ignore the fact that my jar in the picture is empty… I realised the candy should go in only after I got mine done but decided it would be easier to put the candy in before the jar was decorated.

Set the mason jar lid on top of the jar. Grab a small handful of Fiberfil and set it on top of the lid. Now, set the muslin fabric circle, centered, over the Fiberfil and then carefull twist on the canning jar lid ring. The ring will hold everything in place!

Snowman candy jar put circle on lid

Now we can make the snowman by adding details. You can follow my examples or create your own unique snowman.

The first thing I did was add give my snowman a hat. I simply cut a top hat shape out of black craft phone and glued it onto the mason jar lid.

snowman candy jar add hat

I cut a triangle shape out of a small piece of orange craft foam and then glued that into the middle of the fabric covered mason jar lid — which is now being transformed into the snowman’s face! I glued two small, black buttons into place to be the eyes.

 snowman candy jar add eyes
To make the mouth, I made dots to resemble piece os fcoal using black, dimensional fabric paint. (Sorry about the blurry photo). These don’t need to be perfect circles – they should all look different so they look like pieces of coal.

snowman candy jar add mouth

Finally, we can add some finishing touches to the snowman. Cut a piece of ribbon about 12-inches long and glue it where the chin of the snowman would be. Trim off the ends if necessary. I also cut a piece of thin, red ribbon and glued it onto the hat to be the hat band. You can also embellish the hat using shaped buttons or sequins. Use your imagination and have fun!

snowman candy jar add ribbons

Now that your snowman candy jar is done, who will you give it to?

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