I {heart} the Earth Printable Craft

I love the Earth printable craft

You can let your kids show everyone how much they love the Earth by printing out these activity sheets and having them write down good ways to help the environment.  They can be ways to conserve energy, ways to recycle, or ways to use fewer chemicals. Urge your kids to be creative in their thinking, and also in their coloring!

Start out by downloading the Earth coloring page template and the lined heart page.  I provide both a PDF and a JPG version of these pages so you can save the one that works best for you.









You will notice that there are two hearts on one page. You will only need one of them for this project; I just couldn’t stand the thought of wasting half a sheet of paper. Use one of the hearts to make this project and the other one to write a note to someone you love.

Print out both pages. Have your child color in the Earth picture. They can use green and blue, like I did, or any colors they want. They should then write their ideas for ways to help the environment on one of the hearts. Once they are done, cut out both the Earth and the heart.

Use a glue stick to attach the heart to the middle of the Earth. You can then hang up this project for everyone to admire.

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