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Little Book of Book Making

Little Book of Book Making 150

If you are a book fan, perhaps you would like to try making your own? When you pick up a book, whether is is a novel you are planning to read or a handcrafted journal you are planning to write…

Let’s Sew Together

Lets sew together 150

This book, Let’s Sew Together: Simple Projects the Whole Family Can Make (affiliate link), would make a fun addition to any family’s craft book collection. As you can gather from the title of this book, this book is full of…

30 Lorax Crafts and Treats

30 Lorax Crafts and Treats 150

While young kids might enjoy watching The Lorax for the cute characters and colorful scenery, older kids and adults will hopefully take something more away from it. I don’t want to get into heavy environmental and even political issues here…¬†…