Tie-Dye : Dye it, Wear it, Share it

Tie-Dye : Dye it, Wear it, Share itHave you ever been intrigued by tie-dye designs but haven’t had the time or knowledge to try it yourself? If so, this book, Tie-Dye: Dye It, Wear It, Share It (affiliate link), might be for you.

While you may know what tie-dye is, do you know how it came to be? This book shares fascinating facts and stories about the history of dyeing. Along with that, you can read about different tie-dye practices and traditions from around the world.

In the Materials section of this book, you can read through the list of the basic tools you will need for most projects, including mixing tools, rubber bands and string, and plastic bags. Make sure you also read through all of the safety tips the author shares and also the great advice about setting up your work area.  On this section, you will also learn more about different dyes and additives that can be used in your tie-dye projects and how different fabrics respond to the dye. (I love the two page lay-out that shows pictures of the different fabrics dyed using the same color!)

Also included is a section that discusses different Design Choices. It is packed full of interesting lessons that will teach you more about color theory and color mixing than you ever thought you could know. Also explained is how timing and other factors affect the finished project.

Before you jump into trying any of the projects in this book, you should definitely read through the How To Tie-Dye section. Learn about the two basic tie-dye-methods: direct application and immersion. The author, Shabd Simon-Alexander, explains both of these methods with step-by-step directions and illustrations. She also offers great tips and encourages you to have fun and experiment. She states, “Tie dye is virtually impossible to do incorrectly.”

Of course, no craft book would be complete without including some projects you can try, and you will find more than 20 of them between the covers. After all, what better way to practice the skills and do some experimenting than by trying them out.   You can add to your wardrobe by making colorful leggings, fancy skirts and dresses, and a variety of tees.  Accessorize with custom-made scarves, color-blocked socks, and a dip-dyed tote bag.  Beyond your wardrobe, you can decorate your home with tablecloths, napkins, pillows, and blankets.

This book will teach you how to create everything from traditional tie-dyed retro t-shirts to a sophisticated ombre day gown.  You may discover that once you get started you will never want to stop.

Disclosure: A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher. No further compensation was given and all opinions are my own. As noted above, this post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for details.

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