How to Turn a Drawing into a Stuffed Toy

How to Turn a Drawing into a Stuffed Toy

One challenge many parents face is what to do with all of the creative masterpieces their little ones draw. While you can always file pictures your child draws away in drawers, tuck them into binders, or share them with friends and family, there is another option for you to consider. How about turning your favorite drawing into a stuffed toy? If you know how to sew, you can experiment with different fabrics and techniques to make a toy. If you would rather find someone else to do the designing and sewing for you, there are plenty of options.

How You can Turn a Drawing into a Stuffed Toy

I enjoy designing patterns and I love any excuse to use my sewing machine. This being said, I would opt for making a stuffed toy myself. I figure there are a couple of options.

First, and possibly the easier of the two options, is to scan your child’s drawing and print it out onto Printable Inkjet Fabric Sheets (affiliate link). You can then cut out the drawing and also cut the same shape from backing fabric, and sewing them together. Stuff it and your simple stuffed toy is done. One drawback of this method might be the fact that the size of your toy is limited to the size of the printable fabric sheet.

Another option is to use different fabrics and embellishment supplies to create the stuffed toy.  I love this idea because you have the opportunity to experiment with different kinds of fabrics and supplies, plus you can make the toy as large as you like.

Make It and Love ItAshley, from Make It and Love It, made the adorable stuffed doll pictured here.  I think it is an amazing likeness to the picture her daughter drew!  Ashley said that her daughter absolutely loved the doll and was so excited to have one of her drawings “come to life”.

She originally saw the idea at Child’s Own Studio (see below), and, once she noticed there was a long waiting list, she decided to make one herself.  Lucky for us, she also decided to post the directions she used to make this doll along with amazing step-by-step photos.  Read through the tutorial and tell her that Sherri at Family Crafts sent you.

You can find Ashley’s directions here:  Turn Child’s Drawing into Stuffed Toy/Doll


Places that Will Turn a Drawing into a Stuffed Toy for You

If you would rather have someone else handle all of the details of making the stuffed toy for you, browse through this lift of designers to find one that works the best for you. While I can’t personally vouch for any of these services because I have not used them, I can say that when I emailed them, I got very quick responses.


Child's Own StudioChild’s Own Studio
This business was started in 2007 by Wendy Tsoa when she made a ‘softie’ for her son based on a drawing he made. She was so inspired by her son’s reaction to the toy, she decided to start doing it as a business. A successful one at that, considering her waiting list for 2013 is already full.


My Own CuddlyMy Own Cuddly
There are two gals on the creative side of this business, Pat and Chris. They specialize in “making soft, cuddly, huggable toys out of your child’s very own drawing.”  You email them the drawing and they will send you a price quote and a rough idea of a timeline.  The cost of their Cuddlies typically range between $70 and $120.


Sunny Little StudioSunny Little Studio
Heather and Tracy strive to “create quality, lovely pieces that will allow a child’s drawing to jump off the page and in a way come to life.”  They not only make soft toys modeled after your child’s drawing, they offer other fun products.  You can get your child’s artwork featured on a pillow; or  blank, canvas softies, backpack tags, and even superhero capes that your child can personalize.


Once Upon a DrawingOnce Upon a Drawing
Terri loves the challenge a child’s imagination provide her. You start out by sending her a scan of your child’s drawing and she will send you back a quote.  Terri did let me know that she is booked until August, and that will be about the time she starts taking orders for Christmas. She warns to order early!


Stuffed ScribblesStuffed Scribbles
Kathy has an art education degree and she gets bored if she does the same thing over and over again so she is really enjoying making different toys all of the time.  Her soft toys range in price from $59 – $80 and her delivery time varies depending on how many orders she has. Kathy also makes quiet time activity books.


Create Your Own CritterCreate Your Own Critter (CYOC)
Annie from CYOC handles her critter orders a little different than other places. You start off by ordering a kit for $75 which contains a detailed instruction sheet, drawing pages, and a questionnaire. You then send in the drawing and get back your critter along with the framed drawing and a story about the critter.

Disclosure: As noted above, this post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for details.

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