How to Use Food Coloring to Dye Your Eggs

How to Use Food Coloring to Dye Your Eggs

Has your family dyed their Easter eggs yet? If so, did you use a tried-and-true technique or did you try something new?

In my household, we usually use food coloring to dye our eggs instead of spending money on expensive dye kits. After all, it is pretty much the same thing you will get in any egg-soaking dye kit you buy. The best thing is that you should have everything you need to do it right in your kitchen!

Supplies Needed to Dye Your Eggs:

  • Eggs
  • Food Coloring
  • Vinegar
  • Water

Tools Needed:

  • Coffee Cups (one for each dye color you want)
  • Measuring Cups
  • Measuring Spoons
  • Spoon

Of course, the most important thing you need when it comes to coloring eggs are the eggs themselves…  Before you dye the eggs, you should boil them. I hard boil my eggs using these directions. If you want to try to save your eggs, you could try blowing them out instead.

Once your eggs are ready, you can get your dye ready. Start off by covering your work surface with an old, plastic tablecloth or even newspaper. Set your coffee cups on your work surface. The number of cups you will need will depend on how many colors you want to use.

Measure about a half cup of tepid water into each coffee cup.  Add a tablespoon full of white vinegar to each cup. Now you can squirt the food coloring into each cup. Start off with about 10 drops of each food color. Stir it and then add a little more if you like.

Once your dye is ready, you can place the eggs in the coffee cups. Do this by placing the egg on a large spoon and carefully lowering it into the cup. Tip the spoon to the side so the egg slides off. If you prefer, you can use kitchen tongs instead of a spoon. (Please Note — If you are dying hard boiled eggs, they will sink to the bottom of the cup. If you are dying blown eggs, they will float and you will want to watch them closer and spin them around as needed.)

Easter Eggs in Dye Bath
Let the eggs set in the dye for a few minutes and then check them. Keep checking them every few moments until they reach the desired shade. Use a spoon (or tongs) to remove the egg from the dye. Carefully set it on a paper towel. Once it is dry to the touch, place the egg in an empty egg carton or even a simple egg holder.

Carefully place one egg in each cup of food coloring. Watch the eggs carefully and remove them when they reach the desired shade. Use a spoon to remove the egg and place it in an egg holder or on a paper towel to dry.

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