Wonderful Colorful Wonder Wheel of Color

The Wonderful Colorful Wonder Wheel of Color

The Wonderful Colorful Wonder Wheel of Color (affiliate link) is an amazing book for kids has something for everyone. I had a ton of fun paging through it, and even doing some of the activities, and I am sure kids will enjoy it even more.

I love books like this… Books that teach kids without them even realize they are learning something. The format of this book will draw kids in and keep them turning the pages. Each page is packed full of ideas for crafts, suggestions for games, and fun-to-do worksheets. Your kids will be entertained by the colorful illustrations, vivid photos, and lively text.

While the kids will think they are just having fun using this book, they will actually be learning a lot of about colors. The authors (Lynn Koolish, Kerry Graham, and Mary Wruck) do a great job presenting everything in a language kids will understand and enjoy. They start out by explaining why we see colors and introducing the color wheel and then move onto talking about tints, tones, shades, and value. They finish of by explaining different ways to use color and how color effects people.

Don’t worry though –If all of those topics seem like they might be a little boring for your kids, you are wrong. The book doesn’t go on and on with boring text telling kids about all of these things. It teaches kids using short explanations, helpful hints, and colorful examples.

For each topic covered, kids are given a variety of activities to try. For example, in the section of the book that explains to kids what the color wheel is and how to use it, there are 12 pages full of fun. There are directions for making a color wheel tote using crayon transfer techniques (see photo below). There are suggestions for making a torn paper color wheel collage. Kids will learn how to blend colors and make colorful clothing and accessories using permanent markers. There are also some ideas to help you throw a color wheel party. This is just a small sampling of the fun this book offers.

crayon transfer technique

color wheel tote using crayon transfer techniques

This book also has a workbook feel to it with several pages that kids can actually color or write on. Of course, if you prefer, simply photo copy those pages and they can be used over and over again. There are worksheets and/or coloring pages that help reinforce all of the concepts explained in the book. There are also a couple of quizzes the kids will enjoy, one of which lets them answer questions to figure out what color they are most like.

Finally, as if the book wasn’t already fun enough, I need to tell you about the BONUS section. In this section you will find some extra worksheets for the kids to do. There is also a Certificate of COLOR-ology along with a sheet of brightly-colored stickers. The last page of this book is a two-sided poster to tear out and hang up. One side has a color wheel that can be used as reference and the other side has a detailed black and white picture the kids can color themselves.

This book is the perfect solution for summer-time boredom as it not only helps kids pass time in a fun way, it keeps their brain working. I will definitely recommend it to everyone I know.

Disclosure: A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher. No further compensation was given and all opinions are my own. As noted above, this post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for details.

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  1. Ms Kelly Stanley
    06/02/2014 at 9:56 am

    This book is absolutely fabulous. I recommend it for any family and it is a great source of ideas for mom’s who volunteer as art docents and need that added help finding simple explanations and getting great ideas to use in the classroom!

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