Yellow Owl’s Little Prints

 Yellow Owl's Little Prints: Stamp, Stencil, and Print Projects to Make for KidsKids give you a perfect excuse to craft. It doesn’t matter if you are crafting with them, or crafting for them. Whichever of those you choose to do, this book — Yellow Owl’s Little Prints: Stamp, Stencil, and Print Projects to Make for Kids (affiliate link) — will teach you some great techniques and provide you with some inspiring projects.

The author, Christine Schmidt (, shared her expertise in stamping, stenciling, and printing with her first book titled Print Workshop. In that book, she taught her readers how to create an assortment of homemade items using different printing and stamping techniques. In Yellow Owl’s Little Prints, her second book, she shows you how fun and easy it can be to make a variety of unique items for kids of all ages.

This book is packed full of amazing projects. Flip through the pages once and you will be anxious to starting your crafting.  The projects are sorted into five different chapters, each with a different focus: Celebrate, Decorate, Play, Wear, and Cherish. By reading the chapter names, you can guess what you will find in each one.

Chapter 1, Celebrate, has you carving your own elephant and balloon stamps to make invitations, wrapping paper, and party favors. You will also learn how to make a birthday banner and a birth announcement. Chapter 2 instructs you how to Decorate linens, an art table, a rug, and much more. You will learn how to make fun items to Play with in Chapter 3, such as a mobile, blocks, and softies; and Chapter 4 will help you become a fashion designer by personalizing things to Wear and other textiles. Finally, Chapter 5 will have you creating treasures that you and others will Cherish for years to come such as a keepsake box, tooth fairy pillow, or a growth chart.

Before you jump right into making the projects in this book, you will definitely want to read through the author’s introduction. This section of the book is so much for than just a simple prologue. This section is packed full of detailed descriptions of all of the tools and supplies you will need along with explanations of how to use them.  You will also find fantastic information about crafting with kids, ideas about working with color schemes, and safety tips.

As I stated previously, it doesn’t matter if you are crafting with kids or for kids, the incredible projects in this book will inspire you to get to crafting.

Disclosure: A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher. No further compensation was given and all opinions are my own. As noted above, this post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for details.

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