18 Fabulous DIY Pencil Cases

While I was originally searching for DIY pencil case ideas to use for back-to-school inspiration, these could be made for any time.

18 Fabulous DIY Pencil Cases

I realize I better start off by apologizing… There are so many fabulous DIY pencil case ideas here, how in the world can you make up your mind about which one to make? Might I suggest browsing through this list and deciding on a project that you already have all of the supplies for? After all, many of them are made using basic household items or craft supplies! If you have colorful duct tape, or just want and excuse to buy some, you can try making my Duct Tape Pencil Case. If you would rather use sewing skills to make a pencil case or two, browse through this collection of 20 Pencil Cases to Sew.

Recycled Plastic Container Pencil Box1 – Recycled Plastic Container Pencil Box from DIY Inspired

DIY Felt Pencil Case2 – DIY Felt Pencil Case from Small + Friendly

Personalized Pencil Cases3 – Personalized Pencil Cases from Madigan Made

No-Sew Leather Pencil Case4 – No-Sew Leather Pencil Case from Between the Lines

Duct Tape and Storage Bag Pencil Case5 – Duct Tape and Storage Bag Pencil Case from Instructables

Crochet Case for Pencils6 – Crochet Case for Pencils from Petals to Picots

Notebook Pocket for Pencils7 – Notebook Pocket for Pencils from Creme de la Craft

DIY No Sew Pencil Case8 – DIY No Sew Pencil Case from Inner Child Fun

DVD Case Pencil Holder9 – DVD Case Pencil Holder from Rebecca Smith Online

Mail Tube Pencil Case10 – Mail Tube Pencil Case from Damask Love

DIY Colorful Vintage Pencil Cases11 – DIY Colorful Vintage Pencil Cases from Madigan Made

Decoden Pencil Case12 – Decoden Pencil Case from Mark Montano

Easy No Sew Pencil Case Tutorial13 – Easy No Sew Pencil Case Tutorial from Craft Jr.

PVC Pipe Pencil Case14 – PVC Pipe Pencil Case from Jade and Fern

Upcycled Soda Bottle Pencil Case15 – Upcycled Soda Bottle Pencil Case from Doodlecraft

Back to School DIY Pencil Case16 – Back to School DIY Pencil Case from ReUseIt

Chalkboard Pencil Box17 – Chalkboard Pencil Box from P.S. Blog

Duct Tape Pencil Case18 – Duct Tape Pencil Case from While They Snooze

I hope you have an easy time deciding which one of these pencil cases to make! Please make sure you come back and share your designs and experiences.

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