Paper Mache Cone {Craft Challenge}

Are you ready for a fun craft challenge? I know I have been promising a new craft challenge for awhile and now it is finally here. I finally got a chance to simply stroll around the craft store to see what peaks my interest, and, for some reason, I was drawn to this paper mache cone…

Paper Mache Cone Craft Challenge

While there were several sizes, I opted to get some of the smaller ones (there was one size even smaller than this). This paper mache cone stands about 7-inches tall and the open end measures about 3-inches across.

So now I must ask the question… What should I make using it?

I do have a few ideas in my brain, but one of the purposes of this fun blog feature is for you to challenge me to make something fun and unique with the items I post. The crafts you suggest can use other products and even household recyclables along with a variety of craft supplies. The only rule is that the cone should play a significant roll in the finished project.

So, put on your thinking caps and comment on this post or head over to Facebook or Twitter and tell me what you envision this cone becoming!

Need even more inspiration? Here is what I have made so far using this item:

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