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18 Costumes to Make from a Pillowcase

18 pillowcase costumes 250

If you are like me, and just looked at the calendar and couldn’t believe there is only a week until Halloween, these costumes might be just what you need. Learn how to make simple costumes from a pillowcase. There are…

Styrofoam Cup Ghost

styrofoam cup ghost 250

You can make these little Styrofoam cup ghosts and hang them around your home to decorate for a Halloween party or just for the fun of it. Use it as a great excuse to gather the family together and have…

Not-So-Scary Halloween Projects for Kids

Not-so-Scary Halloween Projects for Kids 250

Believe it or not, Halloween is not a holiday that is enjoyed by all kids. Despite the prospect of getting free candy, some kids don’t want to participate in anything Halloween related because it is just too scary for them.…