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18 Airplane Crafts for Kids

18 airplane crafts for kids 150

I know many kids are fascinated by airplanes… Heck, I am fascinated by airplanes! Next time you are trying to find a way to keep them occupied, consider making one or more of these airplane crafts. Need an excuse to…

15 Soccer Crafts

!5 Soccer Crafts150

Check out this collection of amazing soccer related crafts you can use to help you celebrate the World Cup! If you plan on having a party to celebrate your favorite soccer teams or just in informal gathering of friends and…

How to Throw a Pirate Party

How to Host a Pirate Party 150

Ahoy Mateys! So your child wants t’ have a pirate party and it’s up t’ you t’ save da day you say!?! Don’t you worry one wee little bit because I be her t’ save da day wit you. Lets gather up…