70+ DIY Superhero Party Ideas

70+ DIY Superhero Party Ideas

If you are planning a superhero themed party for your little one, checkout this list of wonderful DIY superhero party projects. Heck the party doesn’t have to be for a little one, there are plenty of big kids (aka adults) who are superhero fans! You can make your own birthday party invitations, decorations, unique foods, and much more. If you are planning a TMNT birthday party, check out this collection of 75+ DIY Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Birthday Party Ideas.

 9 DIY Superhero Party Invitations1 – Superhero Comic Book Party Invitation from My Paper Craze
2 – Duct Tape Superhero Envelope from Organized 31
3 – Printable ‘Top Secret’ Party Invitations from Living Locurto
4 – Superhero Invitations from Meaningful Mama
5 – Printable Superhero Party Invitations from Betty Crocker
6 – Easy Shield Party Invitations found on Pinterest
7 – Simple, Printable Superhero Invite from Positive Inspired Living
8 – DIY Caped Superhero Birthday Card from DIY Inspired
9 – Calling All Superheroes Invitations from Great Kids Birthday Parties

12 Fun Superhero Themed Food1 – Super Burgers from My Pretend Place
2 – Batman Burgers from Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons
3 – Superhero Cookies from My Pretend Place
4 – Superhero Cupcakes from Sugar Swings
5 – The Exploding Super Hero Slammer Drink from Handmade Charlotte
6 – Superhero Cake from Betty Crocker
7 – Superhero Ice Cream Cones from Comic Con Family
8 – Spiderman Spaghetti from Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons
9 – Super Hero Sandwiches from Chickabug
10 – Captain America Fruit Pizza from Mojo’s Work
11 – Superhero Popcorn from Spaceship and Laser Beams
12 – Super Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches from Meaningful Mama

12 Superhero DIY Decorations1 – Superhero Backdrops from Meaningful Mama
2 – Superhero Comic Book Printable Banner from My Paper Craze
3 – Printable Pow, Bang, Zap from One Charming Party
4 – Felt Superhero Banner from Eclectic Momsense
5 – Printable Drink Labels from Double Fun Parties
6 – Tablecloth Ceiling Decor found on Pinterest
7 – Superhero Printable Cupcake Circles from Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss
8 – Super Hero Bin from A Turtle’s Life For Me
9 – DIY Superhero Canvas from Mod Podge Rocks
10 – Printable Superman Fonts for Banners and More from Merriment Design
11 – Cardboard Box Phone Booth from Crossing the Buggar-Dixon Line
12 – Cereal Box Skyscrapers from Kix Cereal

13 DIY Superhero Party Games1 – Super Hero Paper Bag Pinata from View from the Fridge
2 – Superhero Obstacle Course from My Pretend Place
3 – Test Your Web Shooting Skills from Early Mama
4 – Pow! Bam! Pop! Bubble-Wrapped Sidewalk from Critters and Crayons
5 – Super Hero Photo Booth from One More Mushroom
6 – Pin the Bat Symbol on Batman Hub Pages
7 – Hand Painted Bean Bag Board from Catch My Party
8 – Sticky Spider Web Activity from Hands on As We Grow
9 – Super Hero Muscle Builder Activity from Blue Susan Makes
10 – Shield Throwing Game from A Little Tipsy
11 – How to Leap Tall Buildings from Laura Stout Photography
12 – Kryptonite Pick Up from Creative Green Living
13 – Superhero Bowling found on Pinterest

12 DIY Superhero Party Favors1 – No-Sew Super Hero Cape from Creative Green Living
2 – Superhero Gift Bags from Birthday Express
3 – DIY Superhero Light Sabers from View from the Fridge
4 – Superhero Treat Cups from Catch My Party
5 – Superhero Suckers from Little Bit Funky
6 – Super Printable Birthday Favor from Craftiness is Not Optional
7 – Super Hero Finger Puppets from Love City Blog
8 – DIY Personalized Superhero Cape Party Favor Tags from Two it Yourself
9 – Silly String Spider Web from Parties for Pennies
10 – No-Sew Superhero Costumes from Twin Dragonfly
11 – Superhero Peg People from Nap Time Crafting
12 – Simple Masked Favor Bags found on Pinterest

13 Superhero Themed Party Crafts1 – DIY Superhero Re-purposed Blocks from Organized 31
2 – Superhero Shields from My Pretend Place
3 – Superhero Masks from My Pretend Place
4 – Super Hero Stick Puppets from Create-Celebrate-Explore
5 – Captain America Tie Dye Avengers Shirt from I Love to Create
6 – I’m a Superhero Photo Magnet from Kelly Ladd Sanchez
7 – Superhero Paper Doll – Good or Evil from the Brooding Hen
8 – Superhero Control Panel from Bright Eyes + Blue Eyes
9 – Superhero Notebook from Red Ted Art
10 – Superhero Bookmarks from Ms. O Reads Books
11 – Superhero Dress Up Dolls from Kids Activities Blog
12 – Paper Plate Spider Man from In the Playroom
13 – Super Hero Cuffs from Kate’s Creative Space

14 Amazing Superhero Finds on AmazonI know there aren’t enough hours in the day to make everything you want, with this in mind, I gathered together a sampling of great party supplies on Amazon. Enjoy exploring these affiliate links.

1 – Justice League Superhero Invitations
2 – Cardboard Jumbo Superhero Word Cutouts
3 – Cityscape Backdrop Party Accessory
4 – Superhero Table Skirt
5 – Superhero Comics Foil Balloons
6 – Superhero Comics Dinner Plates
7 – Superhero Paper Cups
8 – Pin The Emblem to The Spidey Suit Game
9 – Captain America Party Game
10 – Large Superhero Totes
11 – Superhero Empty Favor Boxes
12 – Superhero Party Favors Bundle Kit
13 – Superhero Activity Books With Crayons
14 – Superhero Swirl Lollipop Set

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