Category: Food Crafts

You might not think that different food items would make great craft supplies, but checking out all of these projects just might change your mind. Not only can you make crafts using food, you can make crafts that are edible.

30 Watermelon Crafts

30 watermelon crafts 150

Being summer is a good enough excuse for me to want to make watermelon crafts; but, just in case you need another excuse to try one or more of these amazing watermelon crafts, how about making one or more of…

Spring Bunny Painting


I will admit I have very little self-control when I have a basket full of Easter candy sitting on the kitchen counter…  taunting me.  Every time I walk by it, I swear the little eyes on the Peeps bunnies were…

DIY Candy Kiss and Tissue Paper Roses

Candy Kiss Tissue Paper Rose 150

While I created this Candy Kiss and tissue paper rose bouquet with St. Valentine’s Day in mind, I think it would also be a great gift to make for Mother’s Day. Of course, you can make them for someone you…