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If you are a sports fan, or if you just know one, check out all of these fun projects you can make. You can use them as gifts, as decorations, or just as a fun family activity.

20 Fun Fish Crafts

20 Fun Fish Crafts-250

We do a lot of fishing year round, how about you? While I was searching around for some new fish recipes to try, I stumbled across a few adorable fish related crafts that inspired me to try to find some…

16 DIY Basketball Projects

16 DIY Basketball Projects 150

For the few people who might not know it, March Madness is just around the corner which means lots of basketball viewing in many households. While not everyone in the family might be into watching basketball, they might be into…

15 Soccer Crafts

!5 Soccer Crafts150

Check out this collection of amazing soccer related crafts you can use to help you celebrate the World Cup! If you plan on having a party to celebrate your favorite soccer teams or just in informal gathering of friends and…

DIY Home Plate Photo Holder

Home Plate Photo Holder 150

While I was working on gathering links for my DIY Baseball Birthday Party Ideas round-up, it brought back memories of a baseball-themed party I threw for my son. This party wasn’t for his birthday, it was actually his high school…

Baseball Ticket Birthday Party Invitation

printable baseball ticket invitation 150

This was just a spur-of-the-moment project. I am working on a post featuring ideas for a baseball themed birthday party and I was having a hard time finding ideas for DIY or free, printable baseball-themed party invitations so I figured…

Hockey Puck with Flames

Hockey Puck with Flames 150

My household is full of hockey fans, so I figured why not play around with some hockey craft ideas. Working on this project kept our fingers busy while we were watching the Olympic hockey games. I made this hockey puck…