Spring Bunny Painting

I will admit I have very little self-control when I have a basket full of Easter candy sitting on the kitchen counter…  taunting me.  Every time I walk by it, I swear the little eyes on the Peeps bunnies were staring at me.  Since everyone in my house has eaten a full 6 month’s limit of sugar in the last 3 days, I figured the best thing to do with those little Peep bunnies were to craft with them. What do you think?

How to Make a Spring Bunny PIcture using Peeps

All you need to make this fun spring picture is a piece of paper, some acrylic paint or tempera paint, and some Peeps bunnies.  Pour the desired color of paint onto a plate and dip the backside of a Peep in it. Make sure there is a thin layer of paint covering the entire backside of the Peep and then carefully press it onto the paper. Make sure you gently press down and then lift straight up. Use a different Peep for each color you want to use.

Once the Peep prints are dry, use a paint brush or your finger to add more spring details to your picture. You can make green grass, a bright sun shining, or anything else you like. Use your imagination and make a unique picture.

If you still have Peeps left over after making this picture, perhaps some of these crafts will work for you:

I hope you enjoy this Peep printing idea. If you end up making your own picture, please send me a picture and I will include it here.

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