Category: Food Crafts

You might not think that different food items would make great craft supplies, but checking out all of these projects just might change your mind. Not only can you make crafts using food, you can make crafts that are edible.

15 Candy Wrapper Crafts

15 things to make from candy wrappers 150

I figured this was a great round up for this time of year! When your little ones (or big ones) eat their Halloween treats, make sure you share the wrappers to try one or more of these fun DIY candy…

Simple Watermelon Picture

simple watermelon picture 150

Sometimes, you just need a fast and easy craft project to help pass the time a little bit. This simple watermelon picture is perfect for those times! This is a project that is great for all ages and the supplies…

LifeSaver Thank You Gift


Finally, I found some time to sit down and work on some more projects for the clear tube craft challenge.¬† While walking through the candy aisle at my local grocery store, a box of gummy LifeSavers caught my eye. I…