25 Cinco de Mayo Activities

Many people know that Cinco de Mayo means Fifth of May, but do you know why people celebrate on this special date?  On May 5th in 1862 Mexican forces won an important battle against the French army at the Battle of Puebla. This was a remarkable victory because the Mexicans were the underdogs. They were not only outnumbered, they were also poorly armed and trained compared to the French.

25 cinco de Mayo activities for kids and families

Many communities hold special Cinco de Mayo celebrations that can include parades, street dances, and lots of food and drink.  Check local resources to see if there are any parades or fiestas around you. If you want to hold your own celebration with friends and family, here are some creative activities you can do and treats you can whip up.


How to Make a Pinata

A pinata is something often seen at Cinco de Mayo and other celebrations. It is a container filled with candies and even small toys. A pinata is usually brightly colored and can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is hung in the air and each participant takes turns being blindfolded and trying to hit the pinata using a stick or bat. Once the pinata is broken, everyone scrambles to try to grab as many treats as possible.

How to Make a Pinata
Pinata Made With a Paper Bag

Pinata Made Using Paper Mache

Pinata Made Using Cone-Shaped Cups

Pinata Made Using a Christmas Tree Ball

Pinata Made Using a Milk Carton


How to Make Maracas

Maracas are musical instruments usually played in pairs. Traditionally, these percussion instruments are made of gourds that are filled with small pebbles or dried beans. You can easily make your own maracas using a variety of household items.

How to Make Maracas
Maracas Made using a Light Bulb

Maracas Made Using a Paper Lunch Bag

Maracas Made Using a Plastic Egg

Maracas Made a Using Yogurt Cup

Maracas Made a Using Paper Plates


How to Make a Sombrero

A sombrero is a hat with a very wide brim — wide enough to shade the wearer from the sun (sombrero originated from the word Sombra which means shadow or shade in Spanish. A sombrero is usually either made of straw or felt, but you can also make them using different objects.

How to Make a Sombrero
Sombrero Made Using Candy

Sombrero Made using a Paper Cup

Sombrero Made Using a Handprint

Sombrero Made Using Noodles

Sombrero Made Using a Clay Pot


How to Make a Mexico Flag

The Mexican flag is divided into three vertical sections — one is green, one is white, and one is red. The white, center section features Mexico’s coat of arms which is a picture of an eagle, perched on a cactus, holding a snake in it’s beak and talon.

How to Make a Mexico Flag
Mexico Flag Made Using a Tissue Paper

Mexico Flag Made Using a Drinking Straw

Mexico Flag Made Using Cookies

Mexico Flag Made Using Origami

Mexico Flag Made Using Jello


Some Unique Cinco de Mayo Treats

These aren’t necessarily traditional Cinco de Mayo foods, but I thought they were fun so that is a good enough reason to share them with you.

Seven Layer Dip Treat
Individual Seven-Layer Dips

Nacho Cupcakes

Taco Pizza

Taco Cookies Made from Sugar Cookies

Homemade Baked Tortilla Chips


Please share how you and your family will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Will you hold your own fiesta or attend a community event?

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