How to Make a Nature Collage

The weather here was so beautiful this weekend, I couldn’t resist going on a couple of walks. My aging chihuahua was even happy to get out… That is, until the deer flies tried to carry him away!

How to Make a Nature Collage

We passed by so many colorful plants and other treasures from nature, I decided to start collecting some. Mainly I gathered a variety of colorful flowers,  leaves, and even a few seeds. I used them to make this fun nature collage.

Supplies Needed to Make a Nature Collage:

  • Found Flowers, Leave, Etc
  • Colorful Paper or Craft Foam
  • Crayons
  • Wax Paper
  • Newspaper
  • Craft Glue
  • Ribbon (optional)

Tools Needed:

  • Grater
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Ironing Board
  • Hole Punch (optional)

This is a fast and easy project you can make after going for a walk. While out and about have your family members collect a variety of flat items. These items can include colorful flower petals, leaves, seeds, feathers, etc. With all of your treasures in hand, head in to the house and gather together the rest of the supplies you need.

Start off by grabbing two pieces of craft foam or colorful paper. Make them into matching frames by cutting a large window in the center of each one. You can also give the outside edge a fancy look by cutting it into any shape you like. Your collage will actually be centered between the two frames.

Turn on your iron. Lay some newspaper on your ironing board. Cut two pieces of wax paper that are each about an inch larger on all sides than the opening you cut in the craft foam or colorful paper.  Place one of the pieces of wax paper on the newspaper on the ironing board and set the other one nearby.

Choose a few crayons whose color contrasts with your nature finds. Use a grater too shave off tiny pieces of crayons and sprinkle them randomly all over the wax paper on the ironing board. Place your nature finds all over the wax paper, on top of the crayon pieces. Make sure you stay in at least an inch from each side. Once they are all in place, use the grater once again to add more crayon shavings on top of the nature finds. Don’t go too over board on the crayon pieces otherwise you won’t be able to see the nature finds as well.

Place the second piece of wax paper on top of your crayon shavings and nature finds. Place some newspaper on top of the wax paper. Carefully press the iron all over the newspaper. Keep peeking at your nature collage… It is all done when all of the crayon pieces are melted.

Once your collage has cooled, use the craft glue to sandwich it between the two frames you cut out. To hang it up, use a hale punch to make a hole in the craft foam/colorful paper frame. Cut a piece of ribbon 10 – 12 inches long and use it to make a loop through the hole.