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Clothespin Sunflower Craft


For some reason, not much screams summer more to me than sunflowers. Besides the weather outside, I was inspired to make this clothespin sunflower craft by this canning jar lid craft challenge.  You can make these to decorate your yard…

DIY Relaxing Bath Salts

DIY Relaxing Bath Salts 150

For Mother’s Day, instead of giving your mom something that will sit on a shelf or get lost in the back of a drawer, why not make her something she can use anytime she wants to relax. Gather together some…

Jar Lid Candy Craft

Jar Lid Candy Craft 250

Discover how easy it is to recycle a couple of jar lids into on over-sized piece of peppermint candy. You can use it as a Christmas tree ornament or as a gift topper. It can even be a gift if…