20 Creative Camping Activities

Before you take your family on a camping trip, browse through this collection of 20 creative camping activities.

20 Creative Camping Activities

I found some wonderful projects that everyone in the family will love making and even using.  Some of these projects can be made ahead of time and brought with you to use while you are camping while others can be made while you are camping.


How to do Big Leaf Printing

Big Leaf Printing

Go on a hike and find a variety of leaves and try this fun activity.

How to Make Camp Roasting Sticks

Camp Roasting Sticks

Make personalized sticks for everyone to use to roast hot dogs and marshmallows.

How to Make a Campfire Hat

Campfire Hat

You can make this hat to where camping or just to pretend you are camping.

HOw to make a Camping Quiet Book

Camping Quiet Book Page

Make this book that the kids can play with during the drive to the camp ground or to play with when they are in the tent.

How to Make a Camping Scavenger Hunt For The Kids

Camping Scavenger Hunt For The Kids

Print out this Happy Camper list and make up a scavenger hunt bag.

How to Make a Check Box Camera

Check Box Camera

Let your child make this pretend camera to take with them camping.

 How to Make Colorful Walking Stick

Colorful Walking Stick

Let everyone make their own personalized walking stick to use on a hike.

How to Make Con-Tact Paper Sit-Upons

Con-Tact Paper Sit-Upons

I love how Megan made these sit-upons using Con-Tact paper.

How to Make a First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

Help your children make their own first-aid kit to take on a camping trip.

glow bug necklace

Glowing Bug Necklace

Make cute bugs by decorating a glow stick.

How to Make a Hiking Necklace

Hiking Necklace

Make a necklace that includes a magnifying glass, flashlight, compass, and a whistle.

How to Build a Campfire

How to Build a Campfire

Build a miniature campfire that can be used as a nightlight.

How to Make a Juice Bottle Bug Catcher

Juice Bottle Bug Catcher

Help your kids make bug catcher they can use on a camping trip.

How to Make a Kid's Camping Tent

Kid’s Camping Tent

Make this child-sided tent using a few boards, fabric, and ribbon.

How to Make a Light-Up Egg Firefly

Light-Up Egg Firefly

Recycle plastic Easter eggs by turning them into cute bugs.

How to Make a Name Plate Can

Name Plate Can

Personalized your camping spot by making name plates.

Making Painted Sticks

Painted Sticks

Go on a walk to gather sticks and then dress them up with a little paint.

How to Make Paper Tube Binoculars

Paper Tube Binoculars

Use toilet paper rolls to make a pair of pretend binoculars.

How to Make Personalized Nature Pals

Personalized Nature Pals

Learn how to use sticks and stones to make little people.

How to Make a Summer Camp Chair

Summer Camp Chair Tutorial

This tutorial teaches you how to make a child-sized chair out of PVC pipe.

I hope your family enjoys making one or more of these camping projects. If you do try any of these, make sure you stop by and report how it turned out.  To make your drive to where ever you are camping a little more enjoyable, download these printable travel games the entire family can play. If you want some fun snack ideas to make once you get to your destination, browse through this collection of 18 Camping Snack Recipes.


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    I used to always make toilet roll binoculars, the good old days when creativity and imagination was part of growing up!

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