3 Fun Football Crafts

3 Fun Football Crafts

You don’t have to be a football fan to enjoy making these football crafts. Not only will everyone have fun making these projects, once they are done they make great decorations to use for a football related party. These are also fast and easy enough that they make perfect crafts to make during a party.

Paper Bag Football Craft

Paper Bag Football CraftNot only is this football easy to make, it can be used as both a decoration and a treat holder!

For this craft, you can use either a paper lunch bag or a grocery bag. Start off by cutting off the bottom of the bag. Lay the bag flat. Cut out a football shape through both thicknesses of the paper bag so you end up with 2 footballs that are the same shape.

Use pieces of yarn, a pen, crayons, twine, or anything else you have laying around the house to decorate your football pieces. You can make laces and draw details on them or you can decorate them using your favorite team’s name and colors. Use your imagination.

Glue the two football cut-outs together using a bead of glue around the edges. Make sure you leave an opening so you can stuff the football!

Let the glue dry and then fill the football with small treats or scrap pieces of paper bags that you wad into small balls. If you are going to hang up the football, make a loop of ribbon or string and glue it into the opening.

Glue the opening shut and your football is ready.

Paper Plate Football Helmet Craft

Paper Plate Football Helmet CraftAs you can see. I drew a football player in my helmet, but you can simply paint or color the entire paper plate a solid color to make just a helmet.

You need two paper plates for this project. One will be the helmet and one will be the face mask. Before you glue the twp plates together, you need to get them ready.

For the face mask, start out by cutting one of the paper plates in half. At this point, you can color or paint the back side of the paper plate half. Cut a grid into the half of the plate. Use the picture here as a guide or design your own grid.

You can really get creative when it comes to decorating your helmet. You can paint around the outside edge and draw a simple face (on the inside of the plate). You can decorate it to look like a helmet from your favorite team. Instead of drawing a simple face, you can try to draw or paint the face of your favorite player; or, how about making a collage face by cutting out pictures from a magazine.

Once you have both paper plates decorated, you are ready to attach them together. Run a bead of glue around the inside edge of the face mask piece. Set the face mask in place on top of the helmet plate. Let the glue dry.

Football Team Pennant

Football Team PennantYou can make these pennants in a variety of sizes. You can make large ones to decorate the walls or tiny ones to top cupcakes with. You can make them out of paper, felt, or craft foam.

To cut out your pennant shape, fold your paper, felt, or craft foam in half. Cut a triangle shape on the fold. The folded edge is what you will glue to the dowel.

Buy a dowel that fits along with the size you want your finished pennant to be. Instead of dowels, you can use wooden skewers, chopsticks, or anything similar you can get your hands on.

Spread a thin layer of glue over the back side of your pennant diamond shape, lay the dowel in the center of it, and fold the pennant over. Have a blast decorating and personalizing your pennant!

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