St. Patrick’s Day Button Crafts

St. Patrick's Day Button Crafts

Would you think any less of me if I told you I have a huge collection of buttons? How about if I told you have them as sorted by shape and color? It is this collection the inspired these fun St. Patrick’s Day button crafts.

This project will keep kids busy for quite awhile since they first must dig through the buttons to find the desired colors. If you already have your buttons sorted by color, I suggest mixing them all up and let the kids sort them. Don’t be surprised if your child seems to have more fun looking through the buttons than making the craft itself. You can amp up the fun by giving them a muffin tin to sort the buttons into.

To make these St. Patrick’s Day button crafts, you only need a few supplies:

  • Buttons
  • Craft Glue
  • Paper
  • Shamrock or Rainbow Template (download below)

That is all you need to make a button picture. If you prefer, you can make a sun catcher. If you want to do that you will also need some wax paper and some tape (any kind).

The first thing you need to do is download and print out the pattern you want to use.  You can download and print out either the JPG or PDF version of these templates.

4 Leaf Clover Pattern
| PDF | JPG |

Shamrock Pattern
| PDF | JPG |

Rainbow Pattern
| PDF | JPG |

If you plan on making a simple button picture (like the shamrock picture below), you are now ready to begin. Simply use glue to fill in the picture using buttons.  Don’t worry about staying in the lines, just have fun! Make sure you use a generous amount of glue so the buttons will stay put. Let the glue dry completely before you move around your picture too much.

Button Shamrock Picture Craft

If you want to make a sun catcher (like the rainbow picture below), start out by laying your pattern on your table. Tear off a piece of wax paper that is about the same size as your pattern. Lay the wax paper on top of the pattern and tape the corners down so it doesn’t move around.

Now you can fill in the pattern but, instead of gluing the buttons to the pictures, glue them to the wax paper.  You want to be generous with the glue. Once you have all the buttons placed, let the glue dry. I used a thick layer of glue on mine so it actually took a few days to dry.

Once your glue is dry, carefully peel your buttons off the wax paper.  Don’t be surprised it the glue is still wet behind the buttons. If this is the case, you can lay the buttons upside down and let it sit for awhile longer.

You will want to make a loop using some monofilament and glue it to the back of your button sun catcher. Once that glue is dry you can hang up your sun catcher.

Button Rainbow Suncatcher Craft

What do you think of these St. Patrick’s Day button creations?  Will you try making one? Is there any other holiday related shapes you would like to see?