18 Ways to Decorate Your Notebooks

If your kids want notebooks that feature pictures of their favorite stars or colorful designs but you would rather buy the plain ones that go on sale for pennies, the ideas here might be a great way you can compromise. You can send your kids back-to-school with spectacular notebooks, and you can save some money at the same time.

18 Ways to Decorate Your Notebooks

Learn how easy it is to decorate notebooks so they look like they cost a fortune.

Blue Jean Notebook

1 – Blue Jean Notebook at Planet Forward

Book Blankets

2 – Book Blankets at Spoonful

Button Embellished Notebook

3 – Button Embellished Notebook at Vitamin C

Candy Wrapper Notebook

4 – Candy Wrapper Notebook at Lovelyish

Decorate Your Notebook with Nail Polish

5 – Decorate Your Notebook with Nail Polish at Morgan’s Blog

Decorate Notebook with Ribbon Pen Holder

6 – Decorated Notebook with Ribbon Pen Holder at Little Birdie Secrets

Die-Cut Decorated Notebook

7 – Die-Cut Decorated Notebook at Etcetorize

Duct Tape Notebook

8 – Duct Tape Notebook Craft at About Family Crafts

Fabric Covered Notebook

9 – Fabric Covered Notebook at Family Crafts

Felt Monogram Notebook

10 – Felt Monogram Notebook at Everything Etsy

I am Word Collage Notebook

11 – I am Word Collage Notebook at Silly Pea

Iris Folded Book Covers

12 – Iris Folded Book Covers at Suzy’s Artsy-Craftsy Sitcom

Mosaic Squares Notebook

13 – Mosaic Squares Notebook at Artists Helping Kids

Neon Confetti Notebook

14 – Neon Confetti Notebook at Madigan Made

Patchwork 3-Ring Binder

15 – Patchwork 3-Ring Binder at Activity Village

Triangle Collage Notebook

16 – Triangle Collage Notebook at Pie in the Sky

Washi Tape Notebook

17 – Washi Tape Notebook at A.C. Moore

Woven Map Notebook Cover

18 – Woven Map Notebook Cover at Ruby Murray’s Musings

Use these ideas as inspiration to create your own custom notebooks, and then make sure you share a picture or link with us.

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    I think I am going to try several of these ideas to decorate notebooks for all 6 of my classes!

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